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18-Mar-2018 03:07

The bodyguard who gave Chris Cornell two Ativans before his suicide and found his dead body was Heidi Klum's ex-boyfriend Martin Kirsten.

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Long story short — Nelly was no longer able to buy Ashanti’s story about Chink.

A trusted source has confirmed the breakup to BOSSIP exclusively.

For years Nelly has been hearing rumors that Ashanti was sleeping around, but he didn’t want to believe the rumors.

Cornell's attorney said that the grunge icon had a prescription for the medication.

Just 45 minutes later, Cornell's wife Vicky called Kirsten in a panic, asking the bodyguard to check on her husband because 'he did not sound like he [was] okay'.The millionaires then select two to sit down with for a more personal conversation after which they choose one to go out on a date with.